Tuition and Application for Financial Aid

External support enables us to offer quality childcare at a reduced rate to those who qualify, including Brown University’s generous provision of our school building and our utilities and additional support from state and federal quality grants as well as individual donors.

The maximum tuition at Brown/Fox Point beginning September 2021 is $350 per week ($1458.34 per month). Financial assistance is available for those families that qualify (and as our budget allows). A significant number of the families with children enrolled at Brown/Fox Point benefit from financial assistance. Financial aid forms are accepted as part of the enrollment application process and the Center notifies families of their financial aid shortly thereafter.

  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks are included in the tuition fee. Families also have the option of sending food from home.
  • You will be billed monthly. Tuition fees must be paid by the 5th of each month. We reserve the right to withhold service if tuition payments become overdue.
  • Fees are payable in full regardless of days missed by a child. If your child is sick, or if your family is on vacation, you are still responsible for tuition payments for that period of time.
  • Fees are not waived when the Center is closed for holidays, seasonal cleanings, staff development, or inclement weather. Check our calendar and read the notices we post so that you are aware of center closings.
  • Children are generally enrolled for a full program year. If you withdraw your child before the end of the program year, we require a minimum of four weeks notice.
  • Tuition payments should be made to administrative staff only. Please do not give payments to the teachers.

To apply for financial aid, families must complete the Financial Aid Application Form and submit along with supporting documentation to Donna as soon as possible. The Financial Aid Application asks questions that are pertinent to the process of determining eligibility and amount of aid to be awarded. The information in the Financial Aid Application is used solely to determine a family’s eligibility for financial aid; the information has no bearing whatsoever on enrollment. At all stages of the process, each applicant’s information is kept strictly confidential.

The complete Financial Aid Application form is available here for download:

Financial-Aid-Form 2020 (5 pages, pdf)