Parents as Partners

Brown/Fox Point has an “open door” policy. Parents are welcome in the school at any time, and we encourage you to be active participants in the classroom. Feel free to drop by during the day — you can come and have lunch with your child, or come during any break in your schedule.

Each classroom has a parent bulletin board where you will find information about the daily schedule of activities and other items that will help you be more informed of your child’s experience here. Newsletters and other correspondence from the administrative staff will be placed in your child’s cubby or e-mailed to you on a regular basis. Parents are encouraged to participate in the class and to give feedback to the staff. If at any time a problem arises that you cannot solve with the teaching staff, please schedule an appointment with the director.

Parents are encouraged to become involved in the program in a variety of ways. Our classrooms are open environments where parents are invited to participate. The Brown/Fox Point Family Association provides opportunities for families to get together for social events and other activities that help to support the Center. We host evening workshops for parents and caretakers on a variety of children rearing topics, and our library of books and videos is a resource that is available to all of our families.