Application for Admission

Brown/Fox Point enrolls children who are between the ages of 3 and 5 years old. (Due to state statutes, we cannot enroll children who turn 3 after September 1.) Admissions to Brown/Fox Point are determined by an enrollment lottery every spring, but you can turn in an application at any time. A $50 non-refundable application fee is also required ($25 for families receiving DHS support).

The enrollment lottery exists to give every family a chance at a spot in the program and to ensure that we maintain diverse classrooms that reflect the community we serve. As a result, we use a cascading lottery system that gives priority to certain applicant categories (siblings of past B/FP students, families receiving state child care subsidies, Brown-affiliated families, families from traditionally disadvantaged community groups in Providence, and gay or lesbian families).

Families are notified in the weeks following the deadline. The lottery system prevents us from knowing how many spots will be available, how many applications we will receive, and how many families will accept offered spots. As a result, we appreciate your understanding that we do not know what chances your family has, and we encourage you to apply for spots in other programs.

There are two steps to your application:

• an initial one-page interest form (available here as a pdf) that you submit with your $50 application fee, and

• an online application form, the link to which you will receive via e-mail after your interest form and fee are processed.