Pre-Enrollment Matters

Once you have been notified that we have an opening for your child, you will receive a pre-admission packet which must be completed and returned on or before the child’s start date. It consists of six parts:

1. Parent Agreement
2. Admission History of Child
3. Emergency Form
4. Authorized Pick-up Form
5. Community field trip permission form
6. Immunization Record and Health Examination

Items 1-5 must be submitted accurately and completely well before your child’s first day at the Center; item 6 must be on file within 30 days following enrollment. If these conditions are not met, you may be asked to withdraw your child from the Center until the completed forms are provided.

All children must be toilet trained to enroll at Brown/Fox Point. If you have any concerns or wish to discuss toilet training strategies prior to enrollment, please contact the director.

The staff at Brown/Fox Point wants to ensure that your child’s transition to the program is comfortable. At least one parent or guardian is required to attend a pre-enrollment transition workshop with the director to help you determine the best possible way to ease your child’s transition. In addition, we very strongly recommend that you and your child visit the center several times prior to your child’s first day. During the visit, you and your child will meet the teachers and staff and explore the classroom together. For the safety of your child, all personal information records must be kept up to date. It is the responsibility of parents to notify the office of any change of employment, address, telephone numbers, hours of work, care and/or custody arrangements, and other pertinent information regarding the family. All parents are ensured complete confidentiality.